2013 Children's Lessons

6-Jan-13 New Year’s Lesson
13-Jan-13 LC-015 The Nobleman’s Son
20-Jan-13 LC-016 Calling the Fisherman and Matthew
27-Jan-13 LC-017 Jesus and the Lepers
3-Feb-13 LC-018 Through a Roof
10-Feb-13 LC-019 Beside a Pool
17-Feb-13 LC-020 Sermon on the Mount
24-Feb-13 LC-021 Sermon on the Mount
3-Mar-13 LC-022 Questioning of John the Baptist
10-Mar-13 LC-023 Two Debtors
17-Mar-13 LC-024x Generous women/The Widow’s mite
24-Mar-13 LC-054 The Garden of Gethsemane
31-Mar-13 LC-057 The Resurrection Easter
7-Apr-13 EC-006 The First Deacons
14-Apr-13 EC-007 The Stoning of Stephen
21-Apr-13 EC-008 The Ministry of Philip
28-Apr-13 EC-009 Saul Meets His Master
5-May-13 EC-010 Ministering to the Gentiles Begins
12-May-13 OT-027 Crossing the Red Sea
19-May-13 OT-028 Marah: God Heals the Bitter Waters
26-May-13 OT-029 God Gives Meat and Manna
2-Jun-13 OT-030 Rephidim: God Gives Water from the Rock
9-Jun-13 OT-031 God Saves the People from Amalek
16-Jun-13 OT-032 Jethro’s counsel
23-Jun-13 Summer Vacaction Party
30-Jun-13 OT-033 Sinai: God Speaks to the People
7-Jul-13 OT-034 The Golden Calf
14-Jul-13 OT-035 The Ten Commandments
21-Jul-13 OT-036 The Tabernacle
28-Jul-13 OT-037 The Anointing of Aaron
4-Aug-13 OT-038 Laws for Israel
11-Aug-13 OT-039 Journey to Kadesh-Barnea
18-Aug-13 OT-040 The Twelve Spies
25-Aug-13 OT-041 The Rebellion of Korah
1-Sep-13 Back to School Party
8-Sep-13 OT-042 Moses Strikes the Rock
15-Sep-13 OT-043 The Serpent of Brass
22-Sep-13 OT-044 Balaam, the False Prophet
29-Sep-13 OT-045 Moses Battles
6-Oct-13 Missions Day
13-Oct-13 OT-046 Moses Sees the Promised Land
20-Oct-13 OT-047 Joshua: God’s Chosen Leader
27-Oct-13 OT-048 Rahab and the Scarlet Cord
3-Nov-13 OT-049 The Fall of Jericho
10-Nov-13 OT-050 Achan’s Sin
17-Nov-13 OT-051 The Gibeonites
24-Nov-13 Thanksgiving Breakfast
1-Dec-13 OT-052 The Sun Stands Still
8-Dec-13 OT-053 Joshua’s Last Days
15-Dec-13 Devotional/Preparation for Christmas presentation
22-Dec-13 Devotional/Preparation for Christmas presentation
29-Dec-13 LC-002 The Birth of Jesus

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